Pinkish Gold by Hanaa Samman

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The combination of pink and gold always win
 it has this glitz and glam feeling that I cannot resist
wore this beautiful gown by Hanaa Samman  to a special occasion 
what  I love about this dress that its so modest that can be worn to mixed events, weddings, ramadan nights, and eid gatherings

مكس البنك مع الذهبي دايما يعجبني فيه احساس قلام ما اقدر اقاومه
لبست هذا الفستان من هناء سمان لمناسبه 
اكثر شي حبيته في الفستان انه ينفع للمناسبات المختلطه لانه محتشم بس مرتب و شيك بنفس الوقت
يمشي مع كل شي  وكل مناسبه سواء زواج او جمعات رمضان او حتي لمات العيد

اكاونت المصممه هناء سمان
بوتيكها موجود في التحليه خلف باتشي

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  1. Goodmorning and thanks for sharing,
    What a Charismatic Look!...Yes,You're right the blend of pink & gold is great and You're able to wear very well this stunning dress,it's Perfect on You!
    Also Your poses,the photos,the background with the nice floreal painting,the marvellous turquoise ring & bracelet,the light from the window...all is so so so Nice!
    but,if I may permit to say,what type of shoes you wear? what a pity that You dont show them in a photo.
    have a great day

  2. اللونين يجننون مع بعض ♥