Review : Magical Solution to Hair Fall : DOVE Hair Fall Rescue Treatment

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ever heard about non realistic magic ?
you will seriously get magical non realistic results 
and am not even joking 
I received this hair fall treatment kit including treatment vials, shampoo, and conditioner, along with useful hair brush before about ummm 3 months? 
I didnt want to write this review until i truly experience the difference 
specially that my hair is all around my house 
i vacuum twice and sometimes three times a day can you believe it ?
my hair was in such a mess falling everywhere and lost a lot of its volume 
so this kit came just in time 
i tried everything
literally everything before this
to stop the fall 
i tried taking pills, vitamins, minerals, zinc, treatments, masks........etc
until i got this magical kit
I started using exactly as the instructions said 
you wash ur hair with the hair fall shampoo following it with conditioning with the conditioner from the same line and wash it after that break one vial and pour the treatment inside it all over ur roots evenly 
and leave it there for 2 days
and then wash again and do the same thing
for total off 7 washes 
because you get 7 vials 
and as it says on the package you will experience results in 2 weeks 
and BAAAAM you get the hair of your dreams
I used this 3 months ago
until now I dont have any hair fall except for the natural amount of fall which is few hairs a day 
my hair restored it volume 
I get compliments all the time for the volume of my hair
and i noticed something that maybe has nothing to do with this
but my hair in 3 months has grown a looooooot 
about 10 cm's 
maybe it has nothing to do with it and maybe it does am not sure 
only cons of this product that it makes my scalp looks greasy but am ok with it as long as in two weeks i will re-nourish my hair and stops the fall!

Bottom Line
will i recommend this product ?
hell yeeeeeeeeeees
will I buy it again?
no question !!

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  1. Will it work for all type of hairs? I just bought Provillus for Women because I facing this thinning hair problem and now after reading this I am considering this hair shampoo.