Brand Story : Maison Goyard

Friday, March 28, 2014

Maison Goyard, established in 1792 (under name House of Martin), is the oldest Parisian trunk maker still in business.  It has been passed down from generation to generation up until today under the successive names of Martin, Morel and finally Goyard. Gayard’s flagship store is located on 233 rue Faubourg St. Honoré in Paris since 1834.
the brand was found one year before louis viutton there was a constant competition between both. louis viutton boomed while goyard remained secret discreet luxurious brand

what imaze me that i always thought that their bags are made of leather then i read that it is made of cloth. Goyard uses three plant fibres: hemp, linen and cotton. Hemp is particularly sought after for its hydrophobic qualities, linen is a fine thermal regulator, and the softness of linen probably caught the attention of the trunk maker.

like all family secrets, the exact manufacturing of the Goyardine remain strictly confidential.
though it was originally hand-painted, the current process requires a ground color application followed by three successive layers of etching colors that create its trademark slightly raised pattern.

The dots on the fabric supposedly represent three chevrons juxtaposed to form a Y, the central letter in the Goyard family name. Edmond Goyard used the three chevrons of the letter Y to sign his canvas just like a painter would sign his painting: his name written in white is the only element that truly stands out, whilst the address of the Paris store is spelled in two different shades of brown, and “Paris” is repeated twice, and arranged in a centrally symmetrical stack. Edmond Goyard was the very first trunk maker to build his name into his canvas, and did so even before the year 1900. The piled up dot pattern was clearly inspired by the Goyard family history, and evokes their “Compagnon de rivière”(log drivers) ancestors.

the first boutique they opened on 233-235 Rue Saint Honoré is still ! same location same shop !
the boutique then
and now

you can actually check this link here watch a live view <3

the brand still remain exclusive with only 15 store around the world 
quantity of products they make is limited per year
my favorite and must have are 3 pieces (planing to get soon soon)

first on the list is the Saigon is a structured handheld purse equipped with wood trim reminiscent of the House's trunks and luggages. Secured by a leather flap that is belted down, it comes in all colours and in two sizes as shown. Prices range from $2500 -$3800

 second choice is the pochette purse bois clutch 

third and last choice goes to the everyday bag Saint Louis tote
it comes in variety of colors and of course as every Goyard pieces can be personalized

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