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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Bangs Bangs Bangs !!

looks like its makin' it come back 
 lately the star Myriam Fares have donned the look while appearing on dancing with stars following that on a wedding 
then again Lebanese singer, actress and former model Cyrine Abd Alnour attended the press conference of her new movie بلا حدود with new fresh bangs 
so i went gaga over bangs <3

here is a video that I liked on how to cut straight bangs

and theres another option is to clip in bangs like myriam's 

where to buy clip in bangs?

there are many options but I do see a lot of youtubers wearing the Bellami and it actually looks great 
you can take a look at it here

personally I've never imagined my self with bangs I don't think it suites me since my face is round 
am sure I dont want to look like old days of Ahlam

so I may go for clip in bangs ? anyone ever tried it ? thoughts ? 

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