Random : The 2014 wishlist !!

Friday, January 17, 2014

every year i do a shopping list and at the end of the year i get to see how many things i bought and cross out of the list people tend to that with accomplishments but in my case i do that with fashion ;p 
lets see this year's list 

for shoes am in need for basics as i suddenly noticed i always go for trendy pieces and have none of basics
tried the lady peep and daffodile in CL store loved how it flatters the ankles shape's
definitely getting those !
and maybe some highness
glittered chiara ferragni have been on my list for a while i think am gonna DIY those
am not throwing away 150 euro on a shoes that is made by a blogger
dont get me wrong here i have nothing against her but i do think it is overpriced its only a glittery loafer with eye nd' lashes cut outs attached no leather no special manufacturing and not branded !
why the hill am going to through that amount of money that easy ;o lol i prefer spending on more valuable piece
and who doesn't own a chanel espadrilles ? ME !
i need those for summer

2014 shoes list

as for bags am falling over minis and colors
diying for a mini prada and lusting over lv alma bb
not to mention my long time love relation ship with mini pashli ( i've been wanting it since forever )
that lv noe have been also in my mind for few years but currently am falling for the bb size in the new colors of epi leather if you haven't seen them you definitely should take a look it is spectacular
and i need totes ! after i got sick of lv neverfull
wanting a saint louis goyard with some personalization but when i knew it takes about 3 months to personalize it i kinda lost the passion and maybe i'll be satisfied with a plain one? who knows? well, it depends on my next trip to paris when i get to the store and try them my self
chanel medallion is a classic must ! i do want a pink one but am not sure they produce it every year i think its seasonal

bag wishlist

here is the new noe size ( bb ) and the beautiful 2 new colors in epi leather

so did you make ur 2014 shopping list ?
share share share !!

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  1. The two things worth investing in: shoes and bags. You can never go wrong with it, and it will always be in season (even when its out of season, it eventually comes back). Excellent choice! Thanks for sharing :*

    Lots of Love