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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

most of us doesn't know that much about diamonds and how to buy it 
personally i used to go the jeweler chose from the designs in the windows, try it on, pay, and go home !
but recently as i got married my mother and sisters started to educate me about diamonds 
and how to choose the best quality diamond and how to know good from bad rock 
and how to decide if it worth the price or not
as i was in the before marriage preparation and shopping
since i knew all the precious information i felt like I was fooled a lot and paid thousands on a crap!
so i figured out maybe this is interesting to you maybe i can pass on the very little knowledge i gained at least the basics

ok lets start
to buy a diamond you must consider :

1- cut

2- color

3- clarity

4- carat

first of all let me introduce to you the different diamonds cuts
each cut have its own vibe !

how it is cut is as important as what is the cut and sometimes more important 
the proportions and the quality of its polish effect diamonds brilliance (its brightness), fire (the dispersion of white light into colors that are seen as flashes of color) and scintillation (the flashing contrasts between light and dark as the stone is moved).

A well cut diamond can negate other flaws or limitations of the stone. For example, diamonds with more facets tend to hide color better than other shapes. So a lower color diamond with a higher cut grade will have more sparkle than a higher color diamond with a lower cut grade.

The cut of a diamond affects how well light passes into the stone, and reflects back out of the stone. The more that passes straight out (ideal cuts) the more it takes advantage of the stones natural brilliance, fire and scinitillation.

for simple rule the shallower the better 
here's an example 


The polish of a diamond refers to the smoothness on the face of the diamond. When diamonds are polished the polishing wheel may drag tiny dislodged crystals across the diamonds surface. This may cause microscopic defects.
These defects can disrupt the way light enter and exit the diamond. The certification laboratories inspect the polish and rank it as follows:

Excellent   = No polish defects at 10 x magnification.

Very Good =  Any defects are extremely difficult to see at 10 x magnification.

Good         =   Any defects are difficult to see at 10 x magnification.

Fair           =    Defects are noticeable and may be visible to the naked eye.

Poor          =   Defects are visible to the naked eye.

to assess the good cut and polish you have to know how its different from shape to another
check this link here to watch every shape's cuts 

second most important thing is the color of the diamond

color of diamonds is graded from D to Z 
D is the most colorless diamond you will ever see 
Z is the yellowest 
so when you consider buying try not to go anywhere under the color I 
and if your budget can handle it try to get something from D to F 

 so the more colorless the better the more it sparkle 
and to be specific here's a discrption for each diamond color

DPure White - the most prized color
EExceptional white - colorless group
FExcellent white - colorless group
GGood white - colorless group
HWhite - colorless group
ISlightly tinted white/ white when viewed from top
JSlightly tinted white/ commercial white
KTinted white/ still acceptable white when mounted
LTinted white/ needs yellow setting to look its best
MSlightly yellowish/Tinted color-champagne
NSlightly yellowish/Tinted color-champagne
O-RYellowish/Tinted color
S-ZYellow/Tinted color

Third the diamond's clarity
level of diamond clarity well definitely effect on how it shines the more flawless the more light contrast on it and shines better 

personally i wouldn't consider anything less than VVS2 

here' a photo to visulize how you will see it by the microscope

last but not least the diamond's carat 

weight of diamonds is measured by carat 
1 carat = 200 milligrams or .200gm
some jewelers will refer to diamond weight by points 
for example you may be told this diamond is 25 point 
the equation for points is 
1 carat = 100 point 
so a point is 1/100 of a carat
so you can simply and logically convert it, its .25 carat or 1/4ct 
how ever the bigger the better the more expensive 

Carat weight does not equal size because the visible size of the diamond can be affected by the cut. A diamond that is cut very deep may weigh more, but appear smaller, than a diamond that is cut shallow and wide. Excess depth is undesirable in round stones because the stone reflects less light (see the diamond cut section below for more details). 
i copied it because i cannot explain better 

In a ring that has been pre-set with a diamond you cannot accurately measure the weight (unless you take the diamond out of the ring). Therefore most times the weight is estimated taking the dimensions of the stone, with a margin of error of around 5%. It is also important to note that many retailers advertise the total weight of the diamonds on the ring. This may include the lower quality smaller diamonds that are sometimes used to decorate the ring setting. Beware of these techniques and if you are buying a ring setting with decorative diamonds make sure that they are of similar quality to the main diamond stone in your ring.

I hope this is helpful to you
thanks for reading and keep in touch

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  1. very helpful!
    i came with some of my jewels trying to figure its quality but still so hard to figure, finding a trustable jewels seller is the solution

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    1. عزيزتي تاريخ الموضوع نوفمبر ٢٠١٣ يعني انا كاتبته من سنتين
      جهد شخصي كلمة بكلمةً
      وجريدة سعودي جازيت اخذوا الاذن مني في نشره باسمي لانه معلوماته قيمة
      يا اما توارد خواطر او المصدر الي قراتي منه ناقل من عندي لاني ذكرتلك تاريخ الموضوع قديم مو جديد
      ياربت تعطيني مصدرك :)

  3. it was !!!! thank you so muchh xoxo