Daily Discovery : The Mock from MOCKS

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'v heard about the mock from Mocks shoes since 2012 but never actually thought about getting one cause i dont like following the crowed when it comes to clothes i like to be different
not the typical whats trending now manikin 
but when i read this phrase from the brand representative 
We reckon everyone wants comfy shoes – in fact, we’re pretty sure! But no one wants their feet to look like Optimus Prime’s, right? So, in an effort to provide the best of BOTH worlds, we took a sleek, stylish silhouette (the Moccasin) and moulded it with Mocklite, a lightweight material that’s waterproof, slip-proof, odour-resistant, and most importantly… comfortable to wear!” 
I instantly placed an order
who can say no to slip/water proof, scentless, comfy, and stylish shoes !
am a fan of the color variation and the material i cant deny it 
and for about 60$ i wouldn't mind trying !
have you ever wore one?
is it really that comfy ?

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  1. These would be perfect for summer vacation :) And perfect for pool side fashion.