RIP princess fawzia of egypt

Thursday, July 04, 2013

few hours ago i heard the shocking news of the death of princess fawzia daughter of king fouad and sister of king farouk..

for a quit time i was caught in the era of the last royal family of egypt that i almost felt like one of them reading all their new/old news watching each and every documentary, collecting their photos, buying books, dvd's, and even the currencies of that era!
am not good at politics but i do think that egypt was much better under the reign of العائلة العلوية ( family of mohammad ali basha ).. and i hope it comes back to the same way it was ..
i was touched  by the death of princess fawzia and actually i'm touched by anything that goes on with this family maybe cause i feel deeply sorry for what happened to them remembering prophet mohammad peace be upon him words of wisdom when he said " have mercy on a honorable person of nation reduced to disgrace " .. its so odd that she died the same day the egptian military deposed mohammad morsy egypt current president..
i cannot even find right words to describe my feelings just thought of sharing this news with you following some pictures of the beautiful princess who once was empress of iran after her marriage to shah iran mohammad riza pahlavi ..

the most recent photo of her i could find 

i highly recommend you to read about this family and watch the series's and the documentaries its so interesting to learn the history of it 
may her soul rest in peace
الله يرحمها ..

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  1. Ghadeer , I just came across your blog ! YOU ARE SO CUTE!
    I am impressed finding saudi girls whom have same trends, and ambitions! Now I thought I was one of a kind haha!
    girl keep the work up, and welcome back from your honeymoon I hope U enjoyed. I would be delighted to introduce U to many famous fashion bloggers that I know. or not even, juts following U will be fun.
    I will be posting some of your stuff on FB or twitter. such inspiring :)

    Best regards and alah ywf8k

    1. thank you so much for your sweet words :)
      would love to get in touch with you dear
      just tweet me or email me anything u like ;*

  2. I didn't know about her before and it's quite sad that I know her through the news of her death. I will definitelly search about she and her family.