Haul : Vintage Chanel

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

in a world full of chanel bags authentic and fake 
u can spot a Chanel bag at the grocery, shopping mall, hairdresser, even in the laundry
somehow i feel it lost a part of chicness
of its exclusivity 
luxury isn't meant toe be spotted in the supermarket !
i do love the latest chanel boy bags and i'd do anything to get them
but in the same time i dont want to go out and find the same bag hanging on women shoulders
all over the place
am not kidding our world is a big explosion of chanel's 
in a way make u suspect and wonder are they giving these for free? 
not to mention playing with prices
my sister got a classic caviar flap chanel in late 2011 for about 15k
in the beginning of 2012 the price hopped to 20k
i feel brands doesn't respect a customer 
and once a industry related  worker told me they're trying to raise Chanel classic bags and lady dior prices to reach out Hermes's birkins and killys 
i dont mind the raise in price everything is getting expensive we all know that 
but to raise just to raise ?
and claim they want the bag to be exclusive 
i dont see hermes getting any exclusivity 
even my 13 years old neighbor carry a brikin to the gym
 its just not right for a high end brand to get to the level of flea market folks 
when they see an increase in the demand the price goes up
however i am aware that this is a business rule
to increase price of high-demand products 
but it feels unethical a bit
however i wen way far from the main reason of the post
i'v been searching for a very long time
for the perfect chanel
am not gonna say one of a kind but at least a chanel that u dont see everyday in the grocery
 thats when i decided to get a vintage one
i dont like vintage just because its vintage
am a person who wish if was living in any era before 90's
i love the influnce of dior in the 50's with the low waist line and big skirt

and coco's famous chanel suite that cut her way through the 60's

and dont forget lots and lots of fur 

then the beauty of the the 70's disco era lies on flared trousers, hippies caftans, and geometric prints

 then fashion began to fall slowly starting with 80's
that was the Madonna VS princess Diana time 

in the era there's a lot of likes like gold chains and puffed sleeves and lots of dislikes such as leg warmers and layered socks

and again i remembered i got out of the post point !
i'm gonna write more in details about the history of fashion later when i have more free time
lets get to the point
i searched a lot till i found my lost treasure (p.s am over rating)
so i found this gorgeous chanel bag
it was the perfect bag for me
perfect chain length 
where it doesn't dangle too much ( usually it happens cause am shorty )
perfect condition 
perfect design
something to take with u while travelling that goes with each and every outfit without over packing 30 bag matches each outfit
and here u go 

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  1. I couldn't have said it any better!! seeing Chanel EVERYWHERE lately kinda put me off of buying one. but the one you have is truly amazing, kinda have a bit if character too!
    if you don't mind me asking, how did you get your hands on a vintage Chanel?


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  3. You spoke on my pain... I've always been crazy about Chanel and dreaming about owning one, but after seeing it at every corner!!