Haul : Nude Loubou's

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

every girl should own a pair of black and nude shoes
they go with EVERY THING!
for me i chose christian louboutin cause obviously hes the king of shoes
although this isn't my only nude loubou's 
i have another classic pump with rounded edge that didnt flatter my feet, ankle, and leg shape
so i had to buy another
( never enough shoes )
i had my eyes on pigalle since i saw them on couple of friends 
since the front edge is pointed it gives the illusion of slimmer and taller legs
and i was on alkhayat mall the other day
i passed on louboutin i told the sales man do u have nude pigalle 100mm in size 36.5
and i wanst even thinking about buying any shoes and i didnt thought i will actually find it or at least find something in my size since my size is always selling out 
he went to the stock room and came back and said ur lucky we just got them yesterday
the shoe is new nobody even tried it 
when hopped into it i went head over heels it flattered my ankle and leg shape beautifully 
i just had to have it 
tell me about your classic shoes do you own any?
what your favorite shoes brand ?

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  1. Pigalle nude and black are a must MUST have! They are timeless and just so sleek and refined. I bought them without thinking twice!

    Yay, enjoy them!

  2. It’s really a great post, Thank you for this brilliant knowledge, I really appreciate it