Haul : unhealthy love

Saturday, December 22, 2012

since i started to develop an healthy love to righnestone statement necklaces i had a lot of regression for not buying the zara statement necklaces that were out in ramadan
back then people went crazy and were fighting over them and i was careless
actually i didn't do any shopping in ramadan although its a shopping season i don't know why i loose my shopping enthusiasm.. is it only me?
however for the past few weeks I've been looking for those necklaces in all zara stores and i was lucky to find them all and in one branch !
i think its an investment pieces although its not high end brand i do think one day i'll give it to my daughter ( if it survived )
and here's a photo of my beloved necklaces 

من يوم ما بديت احب السلاسل الكرستال الملونة بديت احس بندم مرة كبير اني ما اشتريت سلاسل زارا الي نزلت في رمضان
وقتها الناس كانت بتتضارب عليها وكانت مخلصة من كل الفروع وانا ولا على بالي ولا همني
بس اصلا انا تنسد نفسي عن الشوبينق في رمضان ما احب اشتري اي حاجة ما اعرف حتى انتو ولا بس انا ؟
يطير كل حماسي للشراء في رمضان
المهم الاسابيع الي راحت كلها وانا الفلف من فرع لفرع بدور السلاسل و كنت محظوظة اني لقيتها كلها في فرع واحد
ما ادري ليش مع انه السلاسل مو غالية ولا من براند هاي اند بس احس اني في يوم من الايام حديها بنتي هذا طبعا اذا عاشت سليمة وما اتكسرت ولا صدت 
وهذي سلاسلي الجميلة

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  1. love all the statement necklaces from zara but I also like to search somewhere else cz u know.. you'll find half the girls on earth are wearing the same thing lol

    I have the silver one but in different shape, great post!

    1. i know that every one wear zara but with ur own style twist u can use it in a different way
      and have ur own touch to it :)

  2. من اية فرع اخذتيها ؟؟؟؟

  3. LOOOVE THEEM! I think it's late for.me to find them but.. I will try :) I especially love the pink one!