Happy Anniversary Ghadeers.com ( GIVEAWAY )

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This giveaway is CLOSED
Congratulations to the winners :)

It's been a journey i know i'v been bad girl lately not posting and being away from the computer screen but we all got caught up into things that takes us away for a while dont we ?
this time am here to treat you !!
for two occasions one is the blogs anniversary yes its been a full year i cant believe it !! other occasion is Saudi National Day may god bless out country !!

The first winner will get 

1- Abaya of your choice from Dee By Dareen Alyawar

2- The Body Shop Goodie Bag 
3- Pond’s Flawless White kit
The fabulously new Pond’s Flawless White, features revolutionary GenActiv™ technology, formulated from selecting over 1000 whitening ingredients, and containing special ingredients that are scientifically proven to work with your genes.

4- F&F Voucher for 150 SR

Second winner will get :

1- The Body Shop Goodie Bag

2- F&F Voucher for 150 SR

3- Dove Oild Replacement kit
   Dove Oil replacement
    • “Intensive Repair”, it not only repairs damaged hair, but also provides up to 15X more protection to your hair with fiber active
    • “Nourishing Oil Care” that makes your dry hair smoother and silkier
    • “Hairfall Rescue” which reduces hair breakage and split ends

Third winner will get :

1- The Body Shop Goodie Bag

2- F&F Voucher for 150 SR

3- the new Vaseline lotions set 

Vaseline Cocoa Glow for DRY SKIN – with pure cocoa Butter and Stratys-3 Multi layer Moisture, its Cocoa Butter is used to moisturize and heal dry skin, leaving your skin healthy with a glow & getting to the core of your skin to moisturize its layers all the way to the top.

  • Aloe Fresh for OILY SKIN – with pure Aloe and Stratys-3 Multi-layer Moisture, Aloe Vera is a beauty must-have ingredient to sooth the skin. This lotion keeps your skin feeling light and fresh with its Aloe Vera while controlling the oiliness.
  • Vaseline Total Moisture for NORMAL SKIN – with pure Soya and Stratys-3 Multi-layer Moisture, Soybean oil is full of different components that maintain the health and the balance of your skin which work to help restore the health of your skin & are essential in slowing down the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Vaseline Musk - with Stratys-3 Multi-layer Moisture, the charming scent of arabian musk provides a sesnetioanl feeling, and with Stratys-3, you get 24hrs smooth and silky skin.

So what is Stratys-3 technology & how does it work? Stratys-3 combines three ingredients - Glycerol Quat, Glycerin & Hydroxy Ethyl Urea - that infuse & suspend moisture across the skin’s top, core & deep down layers. The breakthrough technology locks in 4 times more moisture across all 3 layers of the skin, keeping your skin nourished all day long!

Forth winner will get:

1- The Body Shop Goodie bag

2- FG4 150SR Voucher

Leave a comment with your name and email !!

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  1. Eman Ahmed


  2. This is only for Saudi residents because the vouchers are in SAR?

  3. Ghadeer Congrats at the anniversary.
    What a generous thing are you!
    Raffle copter is not loading I wonder what is wrong with it. anyways what so ever I m going to enter in this exciting and amazing giveaway!
    Name Nida Moughal
    email moughalnida@gmail.com

  4. Florine Marioli

    Thank you :)x

  5. arwa ashrwtah@hotmail.com
    love ur abaya design love to one one :)

  6. arwa ashrwtah@hotmail.com
    love ur abaya design love to one one :)

  7. happy first anniversary ghader, like your blog and i would like to enter this amazing giveaway ^^
    khawla abdullah

  8. sara abdullah alrefae

  9. i like the gifts :)
    Najwa barbie-jojo@windowslive.com

  10. Done :D I wanna be the first winner :P

    Amena Khouri

    amani qween_amani@hotmail.com

  12. كل سنه و المدونه في ازدهار


  13. I have entered
    Nida Moughal

  14. I wanna win!!
    Name: Valerie Serag
    email v.depireux@hotmail.com

  15. Mohammed hassanmohammed616@yahoo.com

  16. Mariam mariamomar2009@hotmail.com

  17. Mabrook 7ayatii , saw ur milka pics in insta Allah y5leekum lb3 '9
    Great give away

  18. lovely site

    nada alhassoun

  19. hello doll! it khansa here hope u remember me :) once i asked u regarding jobs to explore fashion industry as it my greatest passion ... i believe a fashionista is person who keep on exploring and never get old or outdated... it a timeless interest
    so here is my email bambina367@gmail.com/khansa_javed@hotmail.com <3<3 ya

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