Daily Discovery : ADS for H&M Stunning campaign and Saudi Riyals price list

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

beside the beauty of the collection the fierceness the hottttttness
dont you think a major Photoshop was done to the photos loool
i want the same photographer ASAP 
ok when it comes to this collection am speechless now words are left
heres the price list with saudi riyals decide what your going to get ASAP
and note that this collection will be only in Riyadh regarding Saudi Arabia
in Kingdom mall and Gharnata mall

I'v already decided and i hope i can get everything i want
i divided my want list to two 

Essential Travel Set 

travel set
I can imagine my self blinging in the airport 
and with this trolley i would travel just to grab it to the airport lol

And  here's my
Glamorous Kit 

glamour kit

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  1. Thanks for the post Ghadeer,
    it really helped me a lot deciding what pieces to go for according to the price.

    what time exactly do I have to be there? is it 8 a.m like Marni?

    1. i have checked with h&m for you

      h&m, kingdom and gharnata malls

  2. Love your blog btw :)

    follow me please