Daily Discovery : River Island Autumn/Winter 2012 Preview

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Copy Cat of Jeffrey Campbell 

Love the darl blue 

Theses are already on their website

Lovely reminds me of Razan AlAzouni work

for on-budget fashionista heelless shoes 

Hologram high top sneaker !! Must have 

Another heelless shoes 

love ! but the belts is fail 

Must have !!

Enough spikes dont wanna see any piked item this season khalas

wow love it just like Chanel Bombay 

Whats your favorite pieces ?

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  1. I dont believe this is River Island's collection! They have come back with a bang! Cos Zara apparently is doing really well right?

    1. zara isnt not only doing great zara is taking over all other high street brands this season

  2. im so going to get one of the Jeffrey Campbell look alike!! i hope they stock them in Riyadh.

  3. بالله هذا وين .. مستحيل محلاتنا تجيب اغراض كذا ريفر ايلاند مافيه الا شماطيط عندنا