Compare : YSL, MAC, Mahmoud Saed

Monday, August 06, 2012

1- Mac Penultimate Eye Liner ( around 100SR )
2-  YSL L'eyeliner Noir "The Black Eye Liner" ( around 150SR)
3- Mahmoud Saed Liqued Eye Liner ( 10 SR) 

Can you guess which is what ?
Obviously that the blackest of all and the best finish is the one in the middle 
You'd probably think the one in the middle is YSL right ? but your wrong 
it goes from the left 1. YSL's, 2. Mahmoud Saed's, and 3. Mac's
See ? how perfect is Mahmoud Saed's ? I talked about this eyeliner before if you remember right here but this time I wanted to do the comparison between my current eyeliners specially that YSL's is the favorite eyeliner for all most all beauty gurus!!
First you can see that its the blackest of all
Second the brush its as good as YSL's I like thin brushes cause you can control lining your eyelids better
Third is amount of product YSL's is only 3ml, Mac is 8.8 ml, and I cant really know the amount of product in Mahmoud Saed's cause I'v been using it for two years and all the prints over the bottle disappeared but you can clearly see that its a big amount and as I said I'v been using it for 2 years for daily basis so I think this is enough no need to know the specific amount !!
Last but not least the price YSL is for around 150SR, Mac's is around100 SR, And Mahmoud Saed is for 10SR only !!
Have you ever tried Mahmoud Saed eyeliner ?
Whats your favorite ?

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  1. i really like the mhmood said one
    its cheap but it really works very well
    stays long n so black !

    great blog

    cn u follow mine =)

  2. That's the best eye liner I've ever used! I didn't know it was that cheap!! I got mine as a gift :)

    1. hahaha I went to get a new one the price increased to 15SR :P but still super cheap

  3. يس محمود سعيد بالنسبه ليا الافضل على طووول
    بس انتبهي من التقليد منو مرررا سيئ

  4. كيف اقدر اعرف الأصلي من التقليد؟

  5. توني أدري ان قي تقليد منه .!!!!

    دام تاخذينه من اماكن معروفة ان شالله مافي خوف

    هذا كحلي من عرفت نفسي مرة حلو ودايم يجيني مدح لاستخدمته

  6. Although I rarely use the liquid eyeliner .. but I really like Mahmoud Saied .. its so black and thin so I can gradually build it up as thick as I want to ..
    bs when it gets inside my eyes it sure hurts like hell!!!