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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back in June DR.Lillian Khan gave Ghadeers.com readers the opportunity to answer your questions so to follow up heres the answers to the most common questions

  • I want some advise from Dr. Lillian Khan.  Dear Doctor: Q #1- I am 28-year-old female. Since last year i got these reddish spots on both cheeks and near my chin. I din't do anything about it hoping it will go on its own, but it dint. Now they have spread on cheeks widely. They are not pain to touch. Only itchy the time they are oozy with discolored fluid and trace of little blood, but mostly stay dry. They get worse when exposure to heat or sunlight. I have not tried any treatment for them just used some herbs. In last year winter they din't got disappeared completely, just came back to the initial state like they got started (in form of small reddish spots). I know its hard to tell without seeing, but i am sending you some pictures of my face. i want to know if this is some kind of dangerous disease (cancer). Do i need to take it seriously go to doctor or keep on trying herbs.  Please do reply me i will be very grateful to you. With regards. Zakia 

Greetings Zakia. Thank you for your question. First I have to clarify that I can not give medical consultations with out examining the patient with in a medical setting. My first important advice is that you have to see a dermatologist to be properly evaluated and a medical diagnosis is established and then be placed on a medical treatment plan.  But I can give you some educational points on your condition. The photos are not all clear but your condition seems to be a flare of "Acne" that is an inflammatory type. This kind of flare it is usually not enough to use herbal remedies it will require most of the time topical treatments like topical antibiotics (e.g. Clindamycin or Erythromycin) and topical benzyl peroxide if there are no contraindications, and oral prescription medications that you can discuss with your dermatologist such as certain antibiotics and sometimes even and oral Retinioid. There are sometimes some light therapy that can help if available. In most cases in these conditions a controlled state can be reached with a good treatment plan and proper follow up with a dermatologist. 

  • I would like to know what can I do to eliminate the big open pores problem on my face? 

Hello, there are many options that will help minimize the appearance of open face pores but I have to say that it is almost impossible to totally get rid of it even withe the new techniques available now. 

Simple treatments can be applying a topical vitamin A derivative cream or serum daily that will help with time make the appearance of the pores smaller. Crystal peels can also help in improving the apperance of pores. The best most effective treatment available now is the Co2 fractional laser treatment sessions, but the possibility of using it on a patient skin depends on the skin type and several other factors. 

  • Is laser hair removal effective ? 

I always tell my patients that nothing in medicine is 100% effective. But in comparison to other hair removal options it is considered very effective. In most patients if they are good candidates for laser hair removal they will have great permanent results. It is rare though that we totally and completely get rid of all the body hair, and there are some patients with certain hormonal imblalnces that can only have delay hair growth but not permanent eradication. In other patients after they finish all there suggested hair removal treatment sessions and an end result body hair state is reached, they will need from time to time maintenance sessions because they show some hair regrowth. 
Saying all the above, Laser hair removal is still one of the best treatments that I like offering my patients. I am satisfied with a big majority of my patients results. 

  •  ابغى حل لمشكلة التعرق الزائدة بالوجه تسببلي حرج كثير خصوصا اني مقبلة على زواج شكرا

من العلاجات التي وجدت و التي اثبتت فعاليتها هي حقن البوتكس ولكن هذا يعتمد علي المنطقه التي هي مسببه الحرج وهل ممكن حقنه او لآ ، اما بالنسبه للعلاجات الموضعيه المتوفره للتعرق فهي لاتناسب بشره الوجه لانه قد تسبب تحسس والتهاب انصح بزياره طبيبه الامراض الجلديه وطب التجميل ليمكنها من فحص المنطقه التي بها زياده التعرق ومناقشه امكانيه حقنه بماده البوتكس .

  •  السلام عليكم عمري 45 سنة واعاني من الثلاثينات من عمري من كلف بالوجه عميق جربت كل شي وما نفع هل في علاج جديد فعال ؟

 وعليكم السلام ياعزيزتي . مشكله الكلف هو انه من مشاكل البشره التي يصعب التخلص الكلي منه خاصه اذا كان من النوع السطحي والعميق في طبقات البشره 

معظم العلاجات الموضعيه مثل الكريمات و التقشيرات تعالج الطبقه السطحيه من الكلف اما العميقه فهنالك علاجات الليزر مثل علاج الفراكسل وليزر ثاني اكسيد الكربون مع الفراكشونال.
كل هذه العلاجات ممكن مناقشتها مع الطبيبه المعالجه اذا كانت مناسبه لك او لا و كذلك يجب مناقشه الاعراض الجانبيه لهذه العلاجات وبعدها يمكنك اخذ قرار اذا اردتي ان تقومي بها او لا. يجب ايضا ان تآخذي في الاعتبار ان معظم حالات الكلف حتي بعد التخلص من معظمه  ممكن ان تعود الحاله مره اخري.

  •  شكرا غدير على هذه الفرصة الجميلة وحابة اسالة دكتورة ليليان ايش سبب النقط الحمراء في السيقان خصوصا بعد نزع الشعر 

 النقاط الحمراء ممكن ان تكون بسبب التهاب بصيلات الشعر المنزع و هي تعتمد علي الطريقه التي منزع بها حيث استخدام الشفره من اكثر المسببات لهذه الالتهابات ولكن للاناث التي لهم قابليه للشعر ان ينعكف تحت الجلد فهي تحدث مع اي طريقه لنزع الشعر من شفره او شمع او حلاوه
احسن علاج الذي اقدمه لمريضاتي للتخلص من هذه الحاله هو ازاله الشعر بالليزر للتخلص من الشعر للابد و عدم الحاجه لاستخدام اي طريقه اخري لنزع الشعر .

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