Review : Sunsilk Progressive Damage Reconstruction

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The line is  with Advanced NutriKeratin technology, the range works intensively from within, targeting beyond the surface of each individual hair strand by penetrating into the 7th layer of hair for complete reconstruction. Its designed to suit everyone's hair by the well known hair stylist and damaged hair expert Tom Taw.

To be honest at first I wasn't exited even a bit to try the products but the moment I used the products oh god ! this products is a must have !!

I used to have keratin treatment on my hair which i did more than year ago in Manna Center, Jeddah ( it was amazing experience and am coming back again BTW ) this product made my hair feel like its on keratin again!! my hair feels a lot softer and shinier.

The products claims that it reconstruct the hair in 5 washes Which means you can carry on styling daily, without the worry of damage.  although I didn't finish the 5 washes yet I highly recommend the product I got too exited to share this with you guys that i couldn't contain my self till the 5th wash thing 

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  1. I would like to try them for sure ,but, of course after Im done with a couple of shampoos and conditioners I'm using right now.

    I do keratin to my hair from time to time. I really like this treatment because it does wonder to my hair since I have dry one. Yet every time I do it, my hairdresser says to me that I should stick with certain shampoo and conditioner so the treatment would last longer. The problem is when I use this specific shampoo and conditioner, my hair looks dull and not shining.And since you do keratin I want to know
    What do you do after the treatment treatment???

    1. wallah this line is amazing i felt am on keratin again
      about the shampoo and conditioner i did the same thing i used special shampoo and conditioner from Manna Center i didn't feel that it make my hair looks dull or less shinier bl3ks my hair was better and the shampoo kept keratin longer on my hair maybe you should try different shampoo that is special for hair on keratin i cant remember the name of my shampoo all i can remember that its a white bottle with black writing
      and i do think this sunsilk shampoo would work cause it made out of NutriKeratin so logically it'll keep the keratin longer
      good luck on finding the right shampoo and keep me update najool