Daily Discovery : Alanoud Alhajri

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The photos above is two of my favorite pieces from the new Kuwaiti based designer Alanoud Alhajri. I came a cross her site few months ago and am eyeing on some pieces. I like that the pieces are very feminine and simple chic its like shes the Kuwaiti version of Razan Alazzouni
am totally getting the purple skirt as its my favorite color although that i have similar skirt. 
Alanoud Alhajri

Update : Alanoud is Saudi designer living in Kuwait

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  1. wow those skirts are just darling!!! love :))

  2. Hi ghadeer :)
    Anoud is a saudi designer but she's currently living in kuwait :D hope you correct that above xoxo

    1. I didnt talk about nationalities I only said based in means live in ;)