Tips : Smart Sales Shopping

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm always known for my shopping skills and smartness. my friends and family always and I mean like really always take me out to shop for them and actually I get paid cause am freelance stylist so 2 in 1 lol they take me with them as the stylist and the shopping smarty. I always to manage to get hot stuff with the least price I think its just nature or I guess its something u learn when you shop a lot and you dont have an open budget .
so since its Sales season I thought I might share with 6 of my shopping secrets and rules that I go with every where am shopping in sales .
Follow the below 6 rules and you'll never fail :

1 : NEVER  go shopping for sales and end up buying something that's not on sale

2: DONT be shy ask for the price

3: NEVER go for basics ; years ago In sales I was the person who buy the basics and actually its not bargain at all cause usually the basic don't cost more than 100sr

4: NEVER buy the wrong size just cause it looks good and its cheap cause u'll never feel comfortable squeezing ur self in small size piece and never ever tell ur self am gonna wear it when i loose weight that's the biggest mistake !!

5: DONT buys something that's gonna become out of style quickly cause a fashionable seasonal item on sale means that they are in the end of its trendyness 

6: ALWAYS ask your self would I still want to buy this if it wasn't on sale ? if the answer is no then DONT you ever think about buying it 

7 : Dig Dig Dig and Dig 

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  1. I love the tip number 4 5 n 6 =)

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