The First Look From Nahar Collaboration With Harvey Nichols Exclusive For

Friday, June 29, 2012

Am very exited about this specially that I'v been contacted to get the exclusive first look for Mix & Match by Nahar, and am more exited that the fashion industry in the kingdom is growing fast and right.
Harvey Nichols brings Nahar the masked fashionista for summer 2012 collaboration for menswear.
The collaboration is for Mix & Match corner in Harvey Nichols stores by Nahar. He selected and styled the best items they offer to do the Mix & Match concept for the best designers pieces in the store from Alexander McQueen to Moschino .

For those who aren't familiar with Nahar. He is one of the most influential fashionistas and stylists in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and actually the only one who spoke up and appeared in public, well not really appearing since he's masked lol but isn't that what makes him so special and mysterious ?
Nahar managed to attract media from all with his individuality and uniqueness.
Here's a peek at Nahar's Mix & Match corner am not gonna show you the whole corner you have to go to Harvey Nichols and get the full view.

Nahar : Facebook - Twitter
Harvey Nichols Riyadh  : Facebook - Twitter

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