Dr.Lillian Khan to be answering your questions and skin issues

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I have a good news for you ladies and gentleman before few weeks i'v attended Ponds and Fair & Lovely  “Girls Night Out Event” at  THE LIFT“Premier ladies club”
which I blogged about right here 
remember when I told you about DR.Lillian Khan the gorgeous Ponds  ambassador ?
well I was discussing with her my skin problems which is that suddenly some acne started to appear on my forehead while I'v never had them even when I was a teenager she asked me few question and she magically figured it out in a seconds that its only exams stress
and believe it or not once i finished my exams they disappeared
I loved that she didn't lie to me like all other dermatologist who question you and make u feel like u  have skin cancer  
she simply told me the answer of my problem 
and guess what she even offered me to answer my readers questions and skin issues !!
so pop up ur questions right here
and in a week Dr.Lillian Khan will be answering all of them
dont forget to check her blog right here
yes shes a cool DR she blogs 

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