The Met Gala : Fashion Review Part 2

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Worst Dressed 

Candice Swanepoel in Rag & Bone is one of the worst dressed this year
Candice sweet heart its not high school dance 

Tom Ford made me hate him for this OMG I cannot believe hes with Chanel Iman standing next to her and not ashamed of the awful chicken 

Chloe Sevigny was the star of Miu Miu disaster 
looking lost from 60's Disco 

Too much drama for Christina Ricci but we appreciate the try 

 is that a colored hair spray am smelling ? dont get me wrong we do love pink hair but not as pink as this !!
not to mention the ironic outfit Coco Rocha this is very big dark spot in ur profile 

oh my Dianne Kruger is donning Rajaa AlJedawe  Lingerie's lool 

Dakota ur not 5 years old anymore sweety I know its Louis Vuitton but its too save  

Mary Katrantzou made the ugliest dress on the red carpet for Elizabeth Banks to wear the peplum is so over sized and short
prints combo is ugly

 Emma Stone Lollipop 

Eva Mandes shocked me cause I'v always loved her picks shes always sexy and feminine and knows hot to flatter her body 
this time she walked in in unflattering dress and matching shoes
I cant believe that nowdays some one matches shoes with dress 

wohoooo Alexander McQueen why why why and why ? 
Florence Welch made a fool of her self walking down the red carpet wearing looking like a walking festival 

 Satin + Dark Green + Long Sleeves + Cape + ugly cut = FAILURE 
am sorry Greta Gerwig

Ivanka Trump in fitting navy creation

it looks like she forget the whip at home !!

wait i dont have to write any thing just see the next photo

Kristen Stewart never impressed me and it looks like she never will 

Kirsten Dunst made a bad decision 

Leighton Meester is donning Dorota's look or what she is sooooo shimmery that am gonna puke !!

Angelina one leg doesn't work for anyone !!
omg look at her bones 

ok Lily Collins ur not in mirror mirror anymore !!
dress is by Valentino 

 hello grandma !!

not a fan of the fabric the shoes the hair ugh 

I had a hard time deciding fate of Rosie Huntington cause the back of the dress is gorgeous she looks fabulous in it really but the front view was a complete disaster 
and i cannot give her a credit for her back view cause u cant walk backward 

Tea Party or Wallpaper ?
Jessica Parker failed 

Shailene Woodley in Christopher Kane that looks like my mom's 70's couch 

I cannot believe that in most of the magazines and blogs people voted for Beyonce as the best dressed
guys you can see her spanx from 1 km away 

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  1. Beyonce actually looks way bigger in that dress! :-( Not my fave look on her!