Hype : Kim Kardashian Over Contoured cheeks

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Kim Kardashian posted the above photos in her blog partying Fiesta 
but one thing that caught my eye is how fake is this contouring 
she's gone too fare lately contouring and whats with this obsession that the whole universe is following
first Halima Poland over contoured nose and now Kim's lined cheeks 
whats wrong with being natural and leave the contouring for special occasions or at least at night
people are doing this day and night which makes me sick
what do you think about this hype that every body is following not considering what suites them and not considering if their face is naturally contoured or not ?

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  1. Way too much, like there isn't a single picture without contouring. I don't know but all natural for me

  2. she has a high bone cheeks already but she love's evrey thing fake like her lashes , breast and behind !!!! but i have to say she is beautiful and i like her style some time .

  3. I do find her pretty sometimes
    but this waaay tooo much !!!

  4. neither Halimah Poland nor Kim Kardashin are my type. Make up cosmetics are found to enhance one's beauty not to cover up and doing fake face structures. Actually this is what I am working on currently. Im not totally against defining your face but not to go crazy about it.