Daily Discovery : Uterque

Monday, March 12, 2012

I Just discovered a Spanish unknown brand in Mall Of Arabia that is Elegant, Chic, And affordable.. 
It's Called 
I love their leather goods !!  
Am falling for the beige bag and the flat with the metal bow !! 
my favorite items in the whole store
and they were both for 1350 SR !!
very affordable for the quality bag is for 850 and the flats are for 500 
that's pretty amazing but since am broke I'v already spend all of my income this month 
I hope I can still find those next month
the seller told me that they only bring limited number of pieces for each design 
they have belts, clothes, accessories
but I'v fallen for the leather goods 
so I came back home from the mall and did a little online research as I always do 
and I got you their LookBook 

Campaign photo 
My favorite items spotted while browsing their site

this purplish clutch/wallet would be the perfect birthday gift for me if u know me in personal ;p ( P.S my BD is on 20th of March this month ! ) 
so I love the color I love python, I love that these two come together and they serve as a clutch and a wallet 

Reminds me of Balenciaga 

they have it brown, and black

suites spring and summer very well 
the colors are amazing and I loved that it have a lot of pockets and zippers 
Metal bow <3

I want this flat soo much <3 <3 


Their Website here

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  1. They opened a store at Morocco Mall recently !! I've herd good things about the brand and waiting to got o Casablanca and see if I have a crush !! I need a blach chic bag desperetly !! :s