Morning Makeup Tips

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I always get compliments on how my face looks fresh in the morning and looks like I have no makeup on so am gonna share a little secret with you guys my tips to you is :
Never go out without a concealer. choose a concealer that is the same skin tone as ur face not lighter ! Lighter with one shade is for evening not for day use. personally I have 3 tones of concealers one when am not using foundation that is for the morning which is exactly the same tone is my skin and one lighter for the night and one matching my foundation shade for spots.
If your seeking for fresh light coverage that is suitable for a morning use a blending brush tap it a little bit in the concealer and move it around under ur eyes and little bit in the inner corner you'll look as fresh as hill, Then dont forget to define your brows. Apply on a cream pink blush on the apples of ur cheeks . put on some lip balm. and there you go . 

And that's what I do every morning for a fresh no makeup look.

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  1. Ghadeer thanks for sharing this tip :)

  2. Yay great post , I miss your makeup related posts, do more :D

  3. Couldn't agree more, love this concealer, too.

  4. مرحبا مرا حلوه الطريقه
    وش رايك بفرش سيجما ؟

    1. انا شفت انه فرش العين حقتهم رائعة
      اما فرش الوجه ما اقنعتني للبلشر استخدم فرشة سيفورا حقت الكونتور اكثر من رائعة
      توزيعها للبلشر تحسين كانه ماجيك والله
      وفرش ماك رائعة بس سعرها اوفر شوية واكيد في فرش ثانية ارخص وتؤدي نفس الغرض
      المفهوم الي عند بعض البنات انه يا فرش ماك يا الميك اب ما يضبط ما اعترف بيه
      لاني ما اعتقد انه كل ميك اب ارتزت ف العالم ضروري يستعمل فرش ماك
      الصوالين الي نروحها ميك اب مرتب ورائع
      هل كلهم فرشهم ماك ؟ لا طبعا
      واذا عندك اي استفسار ثاني اتفضلي

  5. cool post! I never leave the house without a good concealer :)) P. S. in the Cleo post, I'm wearing Elite lashes #6 :)

  6. Ghadoraah babe, whats ur creamy blush brand?

    great post as usual.

    1. Hala Najla I miss ur comments <3

      My every day pink cream blush is from Mikyaji it gives a very natural color and no one will ever suspect ur wearing a blush :D


  7. babe is there a difference between this concealer and the other one that looks like a gloss? which do you think is better for oily skin? x