Versace For H&M Cruise Collection is Sold Out in hours !

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thursday 19th of January was the release of Versace For H&M Cruise Collection, there was a lot of drama going on I hopped on HM website and it was CRASHED , I got this message saying ( sorry our site is temporary unavailable, Right now there are a lot of people who wants to shop, We're working as fast as we can to make the site available for you, thank you for your patience ) and I kept getting this message for 4 hours , HM Tweeted : We're very sorry for the tech problems during today's #VersaceforHM Launch, we're working on expanding capacity for more visitors. Check their tweet here 
H&M Gave a statement saying :

We apologize to all the customers who experienced technical problems when trying to shop online. Due to the high volume of customers shopping the Versace Cruise collection our website was down for a few hours. We have been working hard to solve the technical problems that occurred to avoid that this will happen again in the future. We of course hope that as many customers as possible had the possibility to shop. This is a limited, one off collection which is supposed to sell out in a couple of days, but the interest from our customers highly exceeded anything we could have expected.

When I had the chance to get into the website the collection was already sold out, anyway I wasn't that interested, I just wanted an earring. The collection again is already on eBay with insane prices! 
A message to all eBay Sellers :
( If I'd buy a Versace Item for more than 200$ I'd rather Buy an original Versace not a cooperation item , Thank You ! )

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