Tuesday, January 03, 2012


 please please please if you're size is 39 please buy this shoes its on sale and can you believe its only $492.99 ( 1850 SR ) it would be a lost and a fashion crime if your size is 39 and ur not buying Alexander McQueen peep toe faithful bootie believe me I'v tried them on in a shop in Dubai and I was walking around wearing them they are GORGEOUS ! but when the sales man told me its 4800 Derham at the time I spent all my money shopping and I forgot my credit card in the hotel  and we were flying back to KSA in few hours so I didnt had the chance to get them.
and as I saw the sale on this shoes I went crazy and ran to m wallet took my credit card and got shocked that sadly the only size available is 39 :( 
again if it's ur size go for it :'( I want them so bad ! 

Get them right here

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  1. Heart breaking like totally heart breaking.


    My size is 39 but I'm broken right now *tears*

  2. as long as it ur size
    what's so heart breakin about it?

  3. The fact that Im penniless ;p

  4. ohhh 7yate ana
    yalla m3w9'een enshaa allah