Shop For Less Alexander McQueen VS Terranova

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Looks familiar ? yes its almost the same !

Today I was shopping with my mom , and found this booties that were incredibly look alike Alexander McQueen's and i was confused to get it or no and eventually I didn't get it . 
I don't know why.
If you are interested it was spotted in Terranova and only for 120 SR.

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  1. why didn't you buy it? :( it looks really similar to the Alexander Mcqueen's one!

  2. Well,they look amazing definitely ,but, I don't really see the similarities between the two.

    If i were you , I'll purchase it only If my chance to get the Alexander McQueen's is zero.

  3. Shurooq baby, ummm i dont know something felt not right

    Najla ummm i thought the quality of the shoes weren't that good and am crumbling for McQueen's and I do plan to get the McQueens so am just skipping it ;)

  4. Ghadeeer I like the silver shoes , is it Teranova too?

    I tried it but didnt get it too!

  5. hey najo , thnx but its not from teranova
    its from Primark london ;)