River Island LookBook SS2012

Friday, January 06, 2012

River Island spring summer 2012 look book is finally out there yeeeey am so happy and exited cause I'v been waiting for this collection since forever ! this is hottest and the most extraordinary collection of spring summer collections of all high street brand ever. 
the pieces are so hot and fierce and edgy ! My favorites and must haves are  the collar necklace with the chunky chain genius idea i love the mix ! am chain lover so this is the most desirable collar for me, and have you seen the chain belt omg so Versace, and the pink printed shirt is so so so Versace loving the print the color the cuts its fablous piece, and talkin to the two piece sets the floral one is so fun and hot and there's not enough words to describe the studed spiked set ! ahhhhh I'm seriously gonna have a stroke if i didnt get them ! and am already confused between the black and white must must must must have set if u saw in store don't you ever give it second thought to not buy it never ever !
and if you happen to see it in size 6 or 8 contact me ASAP cause you never know if such piece wasnt going to be in stores in Jeddah back to the collection the organza white pinkish shirt Oh La La !  the suite ? did you check the mind blowing print ? getting into the accessories the colorful Miami print bag is breath takin not to mention the lion ring OMG !! the Miami shoes this is definitely going to be in my closet actually am loving every piece of Miami's ! shoot me for being river island freak ..

what do you think guys what are you going to get ? and are you exited and crazy about this collection is I'm ?

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  1. i'm in Loveee with this collection!
    Do you know when it will be hitting stores?

  2. Afnan wallah nothing yet but i heard that its going to be in stores mid of September but not so sure


  4. ..hello , fantastic collection ..when they will be in stores ? I saw few items I love but cant see them online or shops..