The Kardashian's Made into Barbie Dolls

Friday, January 06, 2012

Barbie is teaming up with the Kardashian's for a limited edition doll line that will reflect the Kardashian's measurement and may even comes in Kardashian designed clothes outfit  .
Kim lately tweeted on Christmas "Merry Christmas Barbs!I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of each other [in 2012]. Shopping soon!"
am so not buying and not supporting the idea, some one who turned out to be famous for a SEX tape and not for a talent should not be a barbie doll the children look up to and think of her as their role model.
what do you think guys ? are you supporting the idea ?

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  1. Not really sure how I feel about this.....

  2. Okay I get that they have their clothing line,their fragrance, but a barbie? isn't this idea a bit too old? I think they should invent something more useful.. and as much as I love them , I still find it lame!

  3. I agree with you Ghadeer!! How can she be an idol for!! till now no one really knows why they are famous for? I dont agree with the idea.

  4. Yea the barbie idea is just stupid.
    Kids play with barbies unless you're a collector and there's no need to collect Kardashian barbies. I like the Kardashians actually but this is ridiculous.
    They aren't role models for children

  5. That's just ridiculous! What parent would even buy their child a "Kardashian" Barbie anyways?! I hope the whole idea completely flops and they lose money on the deal.