Daily Discovery : SMR London

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finally a local brand has stood up in the Bags making am so proud of them, and I predict a future that is not less than Coco Chanel. and I confess that the moment I saw that crocodile flap bag I though Chanel, am lusting over that bag I love it.
This exotic fabulous brand called SMR  all their stuff are made from the highest quality of Crocodile and Python skin, all the items are hand crafted. their pieces are stylish, modern, classic, luxurious, and timeless in the same time . Not to mention the tons of features that this brand had in the top fashion magazines. their items are extraordinary .
They also have nice collection of bracelets, cuffs, Ipad cases, and phone cases.

SMR collection available at :
Mahat - Jeddah
Label Queen -  Beirut
Maria Pino (ABC Store) - Beiru
Kulte -Beirut/ Lebanon 
Avenue Collection - Alaali Mall Bahrain

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  1. wow I love the bags and clutches

  2. thanks for sharing! The clutches are lovely. Even the bags. the colors and cuts are perfect mashAllah

  3. Great find, wonderful pictures !!!:)

  4. I came across their Facebook page a while back! Love their stuff. Any idea what SMR stand for?

  5. thnx all,
    fionka I think its abbreviation of the founder and designer of the brand her name is Samar

  6. Your bag is a stunner, and i'd love to have one of those BB covers + bracelets =D