Friday, October 28, 2011

How much is your face worth? (Tag-ish)

I saw this on  Lisa's blog and thought I would have a go..
Add up all the cosmetics you wear on a daily basis (don't include cleansers etc)

Mine are:
Mac Studio Fix Fluid NW35 - 48$
Mac Studio Fix Concealer NW30 - 24$
Maybelline Eyebrow pencil - 9$Mac Fix Spray - 23$
Bourjois Blusher in 54 rose frisson - 15$

Bourjois Blusher in 74 rose ambre - 15$

Bourjois Blusher in 10 chataigne doree - 15$
Maybelline gel liner - 10.6$
Sigma F70 Brush - 9$
Sigma F40 Brush - 14$
Sigma E05 Brush - 9$
Sigma E65 Brush - 9$
Sigma E55 Brush - 9$
Lancom Hypnose drama Mascara - 48$
bourjois volume glamour mascara - 10.6$
maybelline the colossal volume express mascara - 6.59$
nyx jumbo pencil in black bean - 2.99$
nyx jumbo pencil in milk - 2.99$
nyx jumbo pencil in cottage cheese - 2.99$
Mahmood Saed eyeliner - 2.6$
The body shop shimmer sun glow - 13.3$
shiseido color stick in peach flush - 33$
mac weekend to the beach cream bronzer - 25$
nyx matte smokey look on nigh in morocco palette - 20$
maybelline dream sun glow - 13.3 $
Yves Saint Laurent Blush Variation in coriander - 40$
maybelline dream mousse blush in 60 coffe cake - 5.99
wet n wild color icon palette in vanity - 5$
chanel luminous matte powder makeup - 101$
milani lip liner - 3$

I just realize i have lots lots lots of things going around on my face :|
Note: i don't use at once but one day i'll use this product and the other day i use the another
this is what i frequently use in daily basis 

TOTAL: 545$

Kims but! do you think its real ?

after seeing this picture i wondered if Kim's but is real !

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kim Kardashians Bun Hit or a Miss

Kim Kardashian's Bun Hit or Miss ?
  • Hit
  • Miss
More polls: Sugar Momma Dating




Thursday, October 20, 2011

Daily Discovery

I came a cross this website and i really loved the stuff their selling very trendy and unique so here are some of my top picks.

Kim Kardashian’s Marriage Already In Crisis! She’s “Miserable” and Feels “Stuck”

Kim Kardashian’s love life just never seems to work out – it’s just one unfortunate situation after another for the notorious sex-tape star and this time her marriage to Kris Humphries-Kardashian may be in big-time trouble! Their marriage has been plagued by rumors of tension since day one and it seems like things aren’t improving for the couple!
Life & Style is reporting that Kim is “miserable” and she and Kris are always fighting. In fact, Kim was recently overheard complaining to a friend over mani-pedis at Clover Nails in NYC, that she “didn’t know marriage was going to be so hard.” Wait – wasn’t she married before?
“With all this travel and work, it’s been a big adjustment for both of us,” she lamented. Further breaking the couple apart is Kim’s impending travels to Dubai and Australia. Unfortunately Kris is “not invited!” “She’s leaving him behind,” a source reveals.
Apparently mere months after her publicity stunt wedding, Kim wants to cry time-out on her marriage! “She doesn’t feel like she’s ready for the commitment,” a friend confided to the magazine. “Kim feels this all happened too soon, that she didn’t take the time to get to know Kris. She’s embarrassed – she rushed into things, and now she’s stuck.” Yikes.
Additionally Kim fears Kris used her for fame just like she used him for money and publicity.“Kim is definitely worried that Kris isn’t mature enough and could be using her for her money – especially since he’s not working right now with the NBA lockout,” according to a source from Kourtney & Kim Take New York (that’s a show?).
His immaturity combined with no certainty about where the couple is going to put down roots as they wait for Kris to sign with a basketball team, has forced Kim to put her baby-making plans on hold. Kim is apparently very dissatisfied that the couple has no real home and is currently living in a fancy hotel in NYC. The horror!
The source reveals Kim wishes she could participate in traditional wifely duties, like cooking Kris meals, but he would rather ditch her for burgers with his buddies. Makes sense to me – can she even talk about anything but herself?!
However, let’s get real here, their marital problems actually lie in Kim’s fears that Kris is upstaging her in the reality TV world! “He tries to have creative input in Kourtney & Kim Take New York. It’s her show, and he tries to dominate it.” She’s the number one famewhore in this relationship – not him!
Perhaps Kim is holding off on filing for the big D until they can cash all the million dollar checks they amassed in her big Made-For-TV, fantasy wedding! At least she can console herself by snuggling her Benjamins!

Burning !

Burn YOUR Soul, Before some one burns it 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Christina Aguilera’s Weight Gain at the Michael Jackson Tribute

Christina Aguileras New Figure at the Michael Jackson Tribute | christina aguilera

Christina Aguileras New Figure at the Michael Jackson Tribute | christina aguilera
Christina Aguileras New Figure at the Michael Jackson Tribute | christina aguilera
Christina Aguileras New Figure at the Michael Jackson Tribute | christina aguilera
Christina Aguileras New Figure at the Michael Jackson Tribute | christina aguilera
Christina Aguileras New Figure at the Michael Jackson Tribute | christina aguilera
Christina Aguileras New Figure at the Michael Jackson Tribute | christina aguilera
And a step back in time – here’s a much thinner Christina at the beginning of 2010 on the Burlesque set:

Christina Aguileras New Figure at the Michael Jackson Tribute | christina aguilera

Christina Aguilera and Kelly Osbourne Battle

Kelly Osbourne has never been a fan of Christina Aguilera, but the 26-year-old took their feud to a new level during a recentepisode of E!’s Fashion Police.
After Joan Rivers, 78, said Aguilera looked “stuffed into” a Givenchy LBD at an event in Munich, Germany last month (and likened her to “Snooki’s Scandinavian cousin”), Osbourne chimed in: “Maybe she is just becoming the fat bitch she was born to be. I don’t know. She was a c**t to me.And she bought my house!”
Osbourne’s digs at 30-year-old Aguilera’s fluctuating weight didn’t end there. “She called me fat for so many f***ing years,” Osbourne continued, “so you know what? F**k you! You’re fat too.”

prestige bronzing powder swatch and review

Product : 10 / 10
Pigmentation: 1000 / 10
Packaging : 3/ 10 ( the cover broke)

*would u recommend this product : absolutely YEEES !*
the most wonderful thing about this product that its completely matte
like u cant find a bronzing powder that is matte at all
its always shimmers and shimmers are every where 
this is the only matte bronzing powder i'v ever seen
sorry for reviewing it very late i have been using this for two years actually and i really love it so i wanted to share the love with you guys <3

Mineral power bronzer in sunrise review and swatch

Product : 9.5 / 10
Pigmentation: 10/ 10
Packaging : 5 / 10
*would u recommend this product : absolutely YEEES !*

love it , its just that the brush is too harsh on skin
and the packaging is not that good