Avoid Rusty Jewels Tip !

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hey, guys ! how are you doing ? I have this tip that i wanted to share with you. well i have this problem every time i buy a jewelry that is not a pure gold it always tend to rust and in a really short time, like few hours are enough to rust completely i don't know maybe its my skin!
any way mom advised me to plate it with a clear nail polish and i'v been doing this for years . yes plate ur jewelry with clear nail polish lol i know its sounds weird but that what i'v been doing for years and to make sure you get it i took some pictures of me doing the process on rings that i got from H&M .

and the result !

Try it, it really helps.

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  1. Do you have to paint the full ring with the polish or just the sides? I like your nail polish btw (the one on your nails)- what is it?

  2. hey, just the outside as its the only side is going to touch ur skin ( which the reason that make it rust )
    thnx the nail polish is from Clairs <3

  3. Hi Ghdoorah .

    This is my first time to read ur blog and OMG i already fall in love with it.

    Just want to ask What do you mean by clear nail polish >?? and where can i get it from?


  4. 7yate naj thank you so much <3
    its simple maybe u didnt understood me
    i meant the nail polish al shfaf clear means have no color ;)
    u cant get in any beauty shop