The Peekaboo arrival

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Two weeks ago i got a call from Fendi saying that the Pre-ordered Peekaboo has arrived  
so a week after i ran into the store and received it with a lots of love !
it came with a letter saying "Enjoy your Peekaboo" and weird awful smell cream that i figured out my self that its for cleaning ! lol correct me if am wrong !
the seller told me that the price increased 
I made the order for 12 000 and something for the big size
and now the big size is for 15 0000 and something and the small size is 13 000 and something
so lucky for getting the big size for 12 something

P.S prices in Saudi Riyals 

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  1. Gorgeous! 3leich bel3afyah ♥ I would never dare buy a white or cream colored bag, the abayah would kill it and then I'd hate the bag lol :(

  2. allah y3afek my sweet fionka <3
    well sometimes when u love the color too much u'll take the chance :D

  3. agree with fionka!
    3leich bel3afyah dear<3