Lady Fozaza Launch

Sunday, December 25, 2011

as you all know since Anoud Bader the founder of Lady Fozaza invited me to her launch in Bloomingdale's Dubai I couldn't resist the invitation so I called my sister and a friend and we bought our tickets to Dubai for a weekend to attend the event ! and it was totally worth it ..

I came on 8:00 the time the event is starting they we're this DJ playing Music and these clowns or what ever they called dancing and downing some moves lol, we sate next to Anoud's Mom and she was super cute and friendly and classy we chit chat a bit and we also met Anoud's sister's mother in law who was extremely friendly. we chit chat until Anoud Appeared  .

Then the fashion show started !

I couldn't get good pictures at all because it was veryyyyyyyyyyyyy crowded !

These are the new Limited edition 3D blazers !
I had the chance to met all the bloggers that we're very nice and welcomed me to dubai very nicely !
Zubaida from Butter Hot Shoes
Mona Kattan from Adventures in Mona Land
Nadya, Zoe, Alyzie Mirza, Anoud Bader, Zubaida Ali, Mona Kattan

The Cutest twins alive 
Sanieeh and Alizey Mirza from Pint-Sized Fashionista 
They were catching eyes while walking in the event and Sanieeh's shoes and bun really got me !

Pictures from the event :

What I Wore

Zara Shirt
Vintage Pearl Necklace
GhadeeR's Design Skirt
Balmain Watch
Aldo Bracelet
Abduallah's Abaya
Hermes Birkin Bag

My sister wore 
Roberto Cavalli Jacket 
Fendi PeekaBoo
Rolex Watch

PS : One Real Life ANOUD Looks mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore Pretier than pictures millions of times 
shes very pretty and hot !
I was shocked when I saw her ..

This is the goodies bag they gave us when the event finished ! 

The macaroons are from Anoud's Sister's Mayda Shop Pink Camel 

I reserved some of the blazers for me and my sis cause the moment the event was finish 
no blazers were there !
maybe only 8 were left :S people went crazy over them
so I had to reserve some to choose from the next day ( 3ala rawaa2 ) 
so we came the next day we met our gorgeous personal shopper 
Thaeer ( Tha2er ) he's the best in Bloomingdales ! if your their head it to Thaer 
his fashion sense is incredible 


My sister bought two blazers 
This one and the Pink Camel

and for me

tra da da  da!

BTW I got so many questions about the blazers and the sizes for those who wants
to buy online from Walking Closet 
well am a petite
153 cm height
and i weight :$ ( gained some weight lately) 52KG 
I wear Small size in tops and dresses
Size 6 UK
Size 8 USA
and Jeans size 27,28
lol just so you know my size and I fitted in size Small Blazer ! 
So what do you think guys of my blazer ?
I choose it cause its a blazer you can wear day and night !
and its very unique specially in the shoulder area loved the details 

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  1. I love the one you picked <3 so cool bel3afya .. you really rocked it!

  2. wow!!!

    What is the price range of her blazers? They are to die for!!

  3. you all look absolutely fabulous! xx

  4. I want happiness, prosperity, health, achievements, peace and all the best for you family! Merry Christmas and Happy Year 2012!

  5. lucky you! glad that you enjoyed your time :)

  6. Love them ! it's great that you had such a nice time <3

  7. Loved your coverage of the event! I like the blazers you and your sister picked. That little pink bag is so cute <3

  8. looove the blazers! and you've got gorgeous hair mashallah <3

  9. hello ghadeer where can we find abdulla's abayas?

  10. You can find his shop in Roshana mall, Tahlya street in Jeddah <3

  11. YAY! Finally I can post comments! I don't even know where to start, but I LOVE what you wore, the color of your skirt is soo refreshing! and the first blazer you bought is stunning! I'm glad you enjoyed! x

  12. Oh wow, I absolutely loved the python print blazer and the one you choose as well was gorgeous !

  13. i love ur style,,thank you 4 sharing this lovely event with us :)

  14. Your outfit is goooooorgeous, especially the skirt. What a hot skirt!

    Next time I'm in Dubai I'll be sure to get my hands on one of those blazers, unfortunately they don't have them in London :(

    1. Gorgeous i love it ., is their any way i can buy blaser just like it online?! :)

    2. Gorgeous i love it ., is their any way that i can buy blaser just like it ?! :)

    3. Thank you hafsa !!
      blazers can be bought online from walking cloest