Introducing : Lebanese Diva Ahed Ghraizy Otrok

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Interviewing the Lebanese Dark haired beauty Diva Ahed Ghraizy Otrok

  • Could you please introduce yourself to our readers,who are you? What do you do, and where do you live? 

Am a Lebanese Socialite & Businesswoman, I was a Top Model from a young a ge, I won Miss Elegance 2007  in Lebanon - Beirut! Worked in so many Fashion Tv Programs!! & continued on the Catwalk till Ifound my other half Dr. Thomas Otrok. am a Gifted Self Stylist & Super Mom Who Live between Miami & Lebanon Occupation the Vice President of Eastern Technology Company also working in Real Estate

  •  Who are your favorite fashion designers? 

My Favorite Fashion Designers are Alexander McQueen & My Best friend Nicola 


  • Where do you get your inspiration from? interests? ohh when it comes to Inspiration Well.. Everything can inspire Me Random Pic, Celebrity, Cartoon Character & more...

What interest Me in Fashion Spikes ,Studded Things & Swarofski "cuz i am Bling Bling Lover"! In Daily Life Painting, Music, EXOTIC Cars & Now I'm actually starting to be interested also in Talk shows with Lebanses politics!!LOL :P

  • What is it that you collect the most? Shoes/bags/accessories? 
I have to say Shoes will win!!! 231 Pair of Shoes.. last Time i Counted them 3 months ago! all Brand names like Christian Louboutin, Roberto Cavalli, Giuseppe Zanotti, Alexander McQueen, Gucci & more.

  • What designer items do you have that you wear the most? 
Balenciaga Bag!!!! :)

  • If a girl could only buy one pair of Louboutins - what would you recommend? 
I recommend The VIP Leopard Boots Stud with Gold Spikes!!! Such a Statement Museum Piece!!!

  •  Can you share with us a piece of style/shopping advice that you have had learn over the years - that you would share with readers?
Fashion Advice.. My Formula==> Big Sunglasses + High Heels + Red Lips = for a Quick Elegante Look! ;)
  • what is a holy grail item that you'd still love to get one day or saving up for one day?
Le Cirque Animal de Cartier watch!

  •  What are your biggest fashion pet peeves? The things you hate to see? 
The socks & flip flop combination is one of fashion's biggest mistake!!!

  • What were the key wardrobe investments that you’ve made that have been totally worth it?
My Versace Ostrich Bag & Alexander McQueen Leggings!

  • You have like super great sexy and hot body and you're a mom what do u do to keep looking fabulous any tips?
I work out 3 to 4 Times a week to maintain my Curves.. and GM Diet from Time to Time just for Balancing & Clean the System! i make sure to apply my Eye & night cream before Sleep.. Lotions are my Best friends :D

  •  What is the worst outfit that u went out in public wearing and u thought '' what the hill 'am wearing '' ?
I am very Comfortable with my self.. Sometimes when i look through my old pics i say to myself: That was soo Old Fashion :/ but to regret it ..Till now NO! U Know each season & every Year has her Own Style

  •  You won Miss Elegance 2007 tell us about ur experience and how did u when that and how were u nominated at first place?
Being Miss Elegance in 2007 was one of the Best Fun Experience in my Life! There is Competent Jury to choose Beauty Queens in Lebanon.. They picked out about 20 Models the most elegant fashionable depending on How they appeared in Media ( Tv,Magazines) then they become 10 then 5 then There's a Big Celebration Event for the Winner & there is No Runner Ups for this Title! That was Good Memories :)

  • Any interesting fact readers might not know about you that you like to add to close this interview?
I Love to Travel but i Hate Planes "I get plane Sick Big Time!!!" especially when it Lands!
and When i have Nothing to wear "Bad fashion day" i stand in front of my Closet & start Dancing Like Mama Jama..Singing Screaming Loud till the whole House can hear Me and Come for Help!! Fashion Emergency!!LOL!!!

  • Where we can find you ?


Last but not least she's not just a Diva, Mum, and business woman she's a a very very very sweet person ! I just Love Ahed :*

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  1. See, this just makes me crave shoes now haha :-) Off to shop now lol