Introducing Emirate Fashionista Nadia Hassan

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Interviewing the Emirate Fashionista
Nadia Hassan 

  • Could you please introduce yourself to our readers, who are you? Where are you originally from ? What do you do, and where do you live? 

my name is Nadya Hasan, A part time Business student and a Full time fashion Blogger. I am originally from the UAE Born and raised in Abu Dhabi and have been living in Dubai for about 11 years.

  • How did the name of your blog The fierce diaries came about?

my blog was originally named "Nay's Daily" but one of my best friends joined my blogging venture and we thought of renaming it after something we believe we are and that is being "Fierce"

  • When and what inspired you to start blogging and how the blog came together?

I was inspired by one of my best friends who is one of Dubai's first bloggers Nia, she is a true fashionista and is working on her online magazine right now. And i had always been a fashion addict and called a fashionista so why not start a Fashion blog?

  • What are your favorite type of posts to write about?

I love love love writing about new and upcoming designers i try my best posting their collections on my blog! they such fresh talent

  •  Do you feel that blogging has changed your life and if yes, how?

It has changed my life in a social matter i kind of don't have a life outside the blogging world but i am changing that!

  • What's one of your favorite things about blogging?

Showing people in the UAE that its ok to always dress up!

  • Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get inspired by everything i could just look at the weather and think i could use these to colors on an outfit lol weird i know, also some other fashion bloggers really do inspire me.

  • What is the biggest challenge about your fashion blogging?

Coming up with exciting posts for my readers

  • Have you experienced any negative aspects of blogging?

Yes sadly i had some people can simply be just mean about it

  • Where would you like to see your blog a year from now?

I would love to see it on another level and known all over

  • What advice can you give to other bloggers in their respective interests?

Always be original and try using different resources as most of us bloggers have the same sources and get accused for copy writing

  • Who are your favorite fashion designers?

Alexandre mcqueen, Lanvin, YSL

  • What is a holy grail item that you'd still love to get one day?

A moschino vintage belt!

  • What is it that you collect the most? Shoes/bags/accessories? What designer items do you have that you wear the most?

Shoes oh god i love my shoes, Christian Louboutin

  • If a girl could only buy one pair of Louboutins - what would you recommend? 

I think everyone should have you classic black and nude louboutin pumps it can be worn anywhere and at anytime

  • Can you share with us a piece of style/shopping advice that you have had to learn over the years - that you would share with readers?
Layering your outfits makes it all the more stylist and chic, A skinny belt over a sweater over a collar shirt can never look wrong.

When it comes to shopping if its love at first sight don't hesitate and just get it you never know if you'll see it again.

  • What is a holy grail item that you are saving up for one day?

So far nothing!

  • What are your biggest fashion pet peeves? The things you hate to see?
Oh where do i begin, LADIES leggings are not pants please don't wear leggings and a short top on you show way too much its not lady like

  • What were the key wardrobe investments that you’ve made that have been totally worth it?

Lady Fozaza blazers, I LOVE THEm

  • What is it take to have a successful blog like ur's?

Having your own personal touch to it and a great photographer, having good images always keep them coming back

  • What is your favorite low cost brand ?

Zara and TopShop

  • How do u get fashion updates ?

I look at different sites and get emails from PR agencies about whats new right now

  • What is your future plans ?

Still unknown 

  • Do you consider fashion just away to express yourself and style. takin that away from ur career plan? or do you tend to work in fashion field in the future?

I do hope to work in the fashion field in the future probably a stylist and one day a high end magazine style editor 

  • Who are your fav local designer ?

Lady Fozaza, The NH Collection and Reemami

  • Who are your fav bloggers?

  • Any interesting fact readers might not know about you that you like to add to close this interview?

I actually love being alone although i am always out there! haha

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  1. Awesome interview! And seriously.. you style is crazy impeccable! It's utter perfection :) Lots of love from Australia! x

  2. LOVE HER! Lots of love from Ohhhman ;)

  3. I dont believe she is orgiinally an emirati bec the orignal emirati women wear abayas. She must have emarati blood in the sense that her mother or father must be emarati and the other parent might be from sudan or another country. Because I know emarati women would NEVER ditch their abayas. It is our pride, i like Nadya's style and thanks Ghadeer for this interview

    1. Ilham before answering your qs , theres a small "m3loooma"
      Being respectful is not only by clothing and what you wear , it's also by knowing your limit when talking to others , specially those whom you dont know in person, and not interfering their personal lives and decesions .
      Back to your comment, emirati girls can be pride of uae by their actions and success not only abaya , so STOP THE JUDGING sweety ,,,

      **Nadia Keep up the good work**

      Faiza D` Bestest

  4. the best blogger i have ever known, i love her style.

  5. It's great what you've achieved already in such a short time. I love the creative touch you give to every outfit while always managing to look super elegant. Well done Nadya.

    X Malena

  6. It's a joy to see a successful Emirati girl in the fashion blogging, well done Nadia and wish you more success.