Easy DIY HAIRSPRAY! Total Fail ..

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I was chit chating with Maymoosha on twitter and she showed me this video 

I thought Its very weird ! and wanted to experiment this so the moment I saw it I headed to the kitchen and start following her steps  .

My spray has melt down :'( no one warned me from hot water !
In case Ur wondering why its little pinkish . its because there was tanning solution in side the spray bottle

I used my Jose Eber to curl my hair 

I curled it and sprayed little bit from the solution and look how awful it looks !
it looks dry and solid 

I sperated the hair and still looks solid and sticky ewww !

 Bottom Line : Never try this hair spray ..

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  1. This was actually something that I wanted to try but not now! Thanks for the heads up hun x