Maya Dyab Perfect Hair color

Friday, December 02, 2011

Dont u just love her hair color ? and how its matching her skin tone perfectly I wish i could find a hair stylist who could make my hair as fabulous as her's
any idea's how can I get this color on my dark black hair ?

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  1. Dont do it! You will destroy your hair..i done it once and i would never do it again...because my hair now its awfull, i had silky beautiful soft hair and now its dry and disgusting!...

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment !!!;)
    Check back often!

    I loved the hair color, I wonder what is the color used to color it. I am black, my hair is medium brown and the skin is clear. I'd rather be blonde than brunette ...

    A big kiss from Brazil !;):):)

  3. alexa :| you disappointed me :'(

    Andreia if you want i got the name of the hair saloon that did her hair they are available in Lebanon and Qatar

    maryam ummm maybe ;p

  4. if your hair is dark you're gona need to bleach it first and doing so will just destroy your hair! plus all that hair on her head is probably a wig! it wouldnt look soft like that it would tangle up and be dry with no shine!

  5. yes please I want to know which salon she done her hair color at..pls I want to do the same.

    Many thanks

  6. hey,
    its Fadia Moundalak Salon in Lebanon or Qatar!
    ur welcome <3

  7. Your hair is gorgeous on you that colour.. Looks really great..Click here for highlights on black hair