Shakira keeps on failing

Saturday, November 19, 2011

 Shakira Keeps on failing !!, what with the pale skin, dry super damaged hair, ugly hair style and super ugly dress !! when is she going to act like a real woman and give her self a little care ..

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  1. i bet she did her own hair and makeup!

  2. I think shes really pretty mashAllah. Her hair is just really damaged from all the bleaching and hot heat to straighten it and stuff.

  3. @ miss starshiny ummm shes pretty but shes not takin care of her self

    @ zainab oops ididnt see that bur ur so right

    @fashionatefix hahahaha i bet that too

    @noor umm yes shes pretty but she has zero sense of fashion and she dont take care of her self at all