Introducing : Zubaida Ali from Butter Hot Shoes

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I had the chance to interview the gorgeous Fashionista Zubaida Ali from Butter Hot Shoes

  • Could you please introduce yourself to our readers,who are you? What do you do, and where do you live? 

Zubaida, Iraqi, 22, student of dental surgery and fashion blogger living in Dubai.

  • How did the name of your blog butter hot shoes come about?

From my name Zubaida which means little butter in Arabic and from my shoe passion. I wanted a unique name for a website and I thought this would be great.

  • When and what inspired you to start blogging and how the blog came together?

It was a sudden thing, I never thought of it, it just happened one day when I was online and had nothing to do and thought I should start a blog to share my style and fashion picks with the world.

  • What are your favorite type of posts to write about?

My Outfit Du Jour posts are my favorite because I love to show my readers my personal style and also I work really hard on them, I always do photo shoots which are nice enough for my readers to view.

  • Do you feel that blogging has changed your life and if yes, how?

Yes, I care more about the way I dress and I'm more educated about fashion and I've become automatically up dated with trends since I have to constantly learn whats up with fashion.

  •  Whats one of your favorite things about blogging?

Interacting with readers all over the world, and of course being featured in international magazines! I think Being in Harper's Bazaar and also Marie Claire US was just so exciting for me.

  • Have you faced any obstacles?

Yes, of course. Sometimes imitation annoys me so I have to keep bringing up more new and exciting things to my blog and rumors and negative talk but you eventually grow thicker skin and ignore your haters and treat your imitators as your biggest fans. 

  • Where do you get your inspiration from?

From everywhere, whether my Mom, sister, runways, or any woman walking by me in the mall or the street. As long as I'm intrigued by what I see I will automatically be inspired.

  • What is the biggest challenge about your fashion blogging?

It's not a challenge really, but sometimes I have no idea what to post!

  • Have you experienced any negative aspects of blogging?

Yeah, as I said imitation, rumors, and negative talk are the worst aspects.

  • Where would you like to see your blog a year from now?

Featured in Vogue magazine! I hope

  • What advice can you give to other bloggers in their respective interests?

Do what you love the way you love to do it, don't listen to irrelevant opinions and never imitate.

  • Who are your favorite fashion designers?

Valentino Garavani, Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin.

  • What is a holy grail item that you'd still love to get one day?

Hermes Kelly.

  • What is it that you collect the most? Shoes/bags/accessories? What designer items do you have that you wear the most?

Shoes and vintage accessories. I wear my Chanel bags and accessories the most.

  • If a girl could only buy one pair of Louboutins - what would you recommend? 

Of course the classic black pump!

  • Can you share with us a piece of style/shopping advice that you have had to learn over the years - that you would share with readers?

Don't buy something that you will never wear more than once.

  • What is a holy grail item that you are saving up for one day?

Hermes Kelly.

  • What are your biggest fashion pet peeves? The things you hate to see?

Kitten heels, can't stand them. All they do is a click click noise but they ain't heels!

  • What were the key wardrobe investments that you’ve made that have been totally worth it?

DVF black blazer, Moschino vintage red wall belt, black Louboutin pumps, and Chanel jumbo purse.

  • what is take to have a successful blog like ur's?
Personalization! People want to see YOU what you wear what you like what you do.

  • Any interesting fact readers might not know about you that you like to add ?

I'm into culinary arts more than dentistry!

  • Finally Mashaa Allah ur very nice, u answer emails and contact with ur readers nicely, what do u think about those famous bloggers who doesn't answer comments and emails and acting arrogantly and they forget that they are what they are because of the their readers love and support ?

Thank you! I like to interact with my readers always but sometimes I forget to reply back and or I miss the email because I get 100s of emails a day  so maybe those bloggers who don't reply have a similar situation but if they don't then they shouldn't be acting arrogant as you said without the readers there is no success. Interaction is very important that way a blogger knows what to give their readers more of, and what they are doing wrong.

  • Where we can find you ?

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  1. she's fabulous, love her style & attitude!! p. s. I hate kitten heels too--they're useless lol :)))

  2. yes 7e9a and maryam she's gorgeous i check her blog on daily basis
    maryam abt the kitten heels hahaha me too i think its an excuse for very tall ladies to say they're wearing heels lol

  3. I looove her style! and I enjoyed reading the interview! x

  4. I looooove her blog, one of the only fashion blogs that I read!