Introducing Lady Fozaza

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lady Fozaza as the owner and designer of the collection Anoud Badr describes it  its A Limited Collection of Blazers based on REAL women in all their Glory 
A blazer to fit each personality and a FIT to capture the essence of being a Beautiful woman of STYLE, elegance and uniqueness!!

Aren't they gorgeous, fabulous, fashionable, super elegant, and sexy ?
they are so elegant that Kim, Kortuney, and Nancy Ajram fill in love with them

Meet The woman behind the amazing Lady Fozaza is Anoud Bader who is a fashion consultant, buyer, blogger, one of the best fashionable people in dubai, and other than that shes just a sweet person that any body is lucky to know <3.

you can find them on :

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