Sigma Brushes

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I've been thinking about getting the sigma brushes for a while as i knew that Mario Dedivanovic one of Kim's Kradashian favorite makeup artist is using them and i also heard and seen lots of good reviews
to be honest i didn't had time yet to use it but till now as i felt the touch of it i can assure you that its veeeeeery soft and gentle on skin, i got the Complete Kit without Brush Roll - Black and Brush Cup Holder in black and
the only thing i didn't like and regret buying the cup holder. its very heavy i wanted to have it because i thought its multi-use for packing my brushes when travelling
but i realize its not for travelling at all cause its heavy

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  1. I really want to try Sigma brushes...especially the F80 for foundation =)

  2. Sigma brushes are really good, and more affordable than mac. I've had mine since Xmas and I use them everyday and love them. You made a good purchase

  3. I really love sigma brushes i just ordered their new precision brushes and i do HOPE that my free gift was different this time because i have two blending brushes already, and i also got the flare palette