Daily Discovery : Versace for H&M

Thursday, September 29, 2011

the next major event on the designer collaboration calendar is November 19, when Versace x H&M debuts. 
Donatella Versace ( Owner and Designer of Versace) and Margreta Van Den Bosch
(creative advisor, H&M)

Wait !
it gets even better. Donatella Versace and H& M Creative Advisor, Margareta van den Bosch, are pairing up for not only ONE, but TWO collections!! Fall AND Pre-Spring!!!!

i was like supriced actually about the whole news cause Dantella Stated previously in 2008 that she respects designers who do these lines but didn't want to do one herself "because I work very hard to put the Versace line in the luxury section. I think to put the Versace line in H&M would confuse the brand." Perhaps to avoid confusion, H&M is billing the line as an "Iconic Collection."

Both Russian and British Vogue have released a few early shots of the line, which looks just as bold and colorful as the mainline collection.

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  1. wow! i seriously can't wait till they launch the collection. I hope they don't have that leather-sh look though ! x