LV Purchase

Sunday, September 11, 2011

yeeey i got new Louis Vuitton bag and scarf that i'v wanted it for a while =) 
this is the bag's link who ever want it 
i got it in rouge color <3 
it was for 1470$ 
u can find the scarf here 
i got in rouge color also and it costed me 155$
so both were like 1652$
the bag's size is great u can hold it as a top handle bag and it can be shoulder bag
enough talking lets see my gorgeous bag with my fantastic scarf lol

enough talking about LV and let me show u guys my asos package which was an awful experience with them i didn't not expect that at all,  they are offering a free shipping world wide which i thought is great so i ordered couple of things on 8th of august and they told me that it should arrive before 22th of august and the package didn't show up till that date i emailed them and they asked me to wait another 9 days :S and i waited and nothing came in i emaild them back they apologized and said that they are going to send me a new package with their fastest delivery option but most of the items i ordered before was out of stock and the money i paid for it has been sent back to my account and actually they did and they sent me tha package with DPD company which import packages from uk and hand it to any local shipping company such as DH:L and  DPD did hand my package to DHL and in the tracking process i;ve seen that it arrived Saudi Arabia on 7th of September while it was shipped on 5th its amazing only 3 days to get it here but no one called me from DHL till the 10th of September and they didn't provide me or sent me a dhl tracking number so that was a problem in DHL branch when i wanted to pick up the items (N) i didnt like any of the services neither asos or dpd or dhl
enough talking lets see what i got
and seriously it deserve the waiting 
i got this Paul s Boutique Olivia Anchor Print Large Tote the bag was for 137.21$
ASOS Sunglasses Chain that was for $7.32

they both  worth the money and the waiting <3

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  1. I love the pink LV bag, so pretty and FAB.

    Btw new folower here, hope you follow mine too.

  2. thnxx glad u loved it .. already following u back ;)

  3. Really appreciate you sharing this article.